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Lacey Simmons | PIN 477013 | Florida


LACEY SIMMONS | PENSACOLA FL | O CREW / MASTER CREW PIN 477013 | November 6, 2016 | Co-Creator of SwankFIT™

WOW!  LACEY!!  The minute “Swank” was announced into the West Coast Swing world, Lacey was reaching out… Kellese Kellese!!  I knew she was BIG into Fitness and I was not ready for her yet… SHE NEVER GAVE UP..   It reminded me of the first time I saw West Coast Swing (push whip at the time) and how I knew I was addicted.. I MUST have this in my life FOREVER.. this is how Lacey has been from day ONE.  Finally, she gets the opportunity to become certified.. WOOOW!!  I got to know Lacey on a whole different level.  What an amazing person!!  Sooo talented and sooo driven to be successful in life!  She is SO SWANK!!!  Lacey will definitely Lead The Way for SwankFIT!!  I am super grateful God kept Lacey in my life!  Amen! Lacey is the co-creator of SwankFIT™ through her decade-worth of knowledge and experience in the fitness industry and helped create the SwankFIT™ portion of the Swank® Seminar.

Lacey is a military wife to a wonderful soldier and a mom to her lovely fur-babies. She has been teaching fitness and dance since she was 18 years old, and currently has over 20 certifications and licenses in various fitness formats, and teaches a variety of classes ranging from endurance and strength, flexibility and stretch, high interval training, and her absolute favourite, DANCE FITNESS. Lacey has also been competing in the West Coast Swing circuit since 2013 with several top 5 placements in Jack-&-Jills and Strictly Swing competitions. Lacey is the co-creator of SwankFIT™ and loves SWANK® Dance Fitness because it brings the best of both the fitness and dance worlds in an effective and easy way to learn partner dance technique and musicality all while getting fit with cardio and muscular isolation/activation!! SWANK® Dance Fitness has been a fabulous and exciting addition to her repertoire, and she looks forward to sharing the joy of fitness and the gift of dance with you! If you would like to get more information about classes, trainings, events, or just to chat, contact her via email at Life.Dance.Fitness.Lacey@gmail.com or via social media at Facebook.com/Life.Dance.Fitness

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